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August 7, 2014
Global Finance & Capital Limited
November 3, 2014

Once again, H. E. Arun Panchariya, the Principal of Global Finance & Capital Limited and Consul General for the Republic of Liberia to Dubai, proved to be one of the most outstanding businessmen of his time.


In the Africa International Business Forum (AIBF) Business Excellence Awards, held on the 18th of July, 2014 at the grand House of Lords, Panchariya was among the prominent businessmen awarded and recognized. He was acknowledged by AIBF as one of this year’s most excellent businessmen together with other notable personalities in the field such as Mr Rajesh Satiija Ram (Lucky), Hon’ble Karim Keita, Mr Michel Sidibe, Hon Minister Diezani Alison-Madueke, Mr Gerard Holden, Mr Madani Maki Tall, Prince Malik Ado-Ibrahim, Ms Farida Sawadogo, Mr Ben Cotton, Mrs. Tokunbo Ajayi, Mr Sisa Ngebulana, Mr. Adetokunbo Ogundeyin & Mr Deepak Kuntawala. The awards were presented by Vikkas Puri, the CEO & Co-Founder of AIBF.

With over 20 years of entrepreneurial, industrial and trading experience in numerous international destinations, there is no question to why Panchariya should be among the awarded top outstanding businessmen of AIBF. His professional background in the trading of direct equities, commodities, futures, derivatives and other market instruments are commendable. He even served as adviser to various governments on infrastructural development, education, health, transport, agriculture and social housing. Panchariya is as well active in the private banking and investment sector as he has advised on international offerings for a wide array of international listed and non-listed companies. With his professional experiences, he has also undeniably established strong ties with debt providers and equity sponsors. Panchariya is previously the president of Euram Bank Asia Limited, a DFSA registered bank. He is currently the Principal Owner and Managing Director of Global Finance & Capital Ltd., a UK registered and FCA licensed corporate finance advisory firm. He now draws his experience towards global emerging markets and focuses on the international advisory sector specializing in African markets.

The awards night was hosted by Rt Honorable Baroness Sandip Verma , the Minister for Energy & Climate Change in U.K., while H.E. Mr Ranjan Mathai High Commissioner of India graced the event and even delivered an address highlighting the importance of developing India – Africa business relations. After the awards ceremony, the awardees and guests enjoy the sumptuous dinner and champagne at the House of Lords.

Before the awards ceremony, the Business Summit 2014 in London was also held on the same day. Panchariya was among the panel which discussed and delved into the specific issue and challenge identified as “Explore business opportunities in Africa and identify key sectors for investment”. The summit was conducted to promote and encourage investment and trade by international companies in Africa. It also served as a venue to provide innovative ideas and practical guidance on how foreign investors can discreetly penetrate Africa.

Africa International Business Forum is a non-profit organization in England and Wales, headquartered in London with the mission to facilitate and promote global investment into Africa with focus on development. It provides a dynamic platform leveraging support from an Advisory Board composed of eminent parliamentarians, politicians, diplomats, business and industry leaders, academics and professionals.

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