Experience & Appointments (Previous)

Invest in UEMOA Committee (a joint committee of UEMOA, BOAD and GFCL under strategic partnership)- Member Supervisory Board

(from June 2013 to March 2018)

  • Mr. Panchariya was representing Global Finance & Capital Limited to the joint committee and was holding position of member to the supervisory Board.
  • UEMOA is a west African & Economic Monitory Union Commission, it has eight country members are Senegal, Mali, Niger, Togo, Benin, Cote D’Ivoir, Guinea Bissau, Burkina Faso. UEMOA country members are functioning very closely and tight thus they have common central bank, financial regulator, currency, stock exchange and French language.
  • BOAD is a west African Development Bank, a multilateral Bank which is carrying infrastructure development for UEMOA member countries.
  • Supervisory Board was monitoring all upcoming infrastructure development projects from members countries and reviewing those projects in details to raise funds from international market and introducing the, international EPC contractor with Equity participation commitment to the project. Main Object of Invest in UEMOA is to provide financial support to the member countries for infrastructure project specifically cross boarder projects.
  • Mr. Panchariya played active role within Invest in UEMOA committee and provided various concept paper to the committee including PPP concept paper on toll base PPP project implementation within members countries of UEMOA and which was very well adopted by all member countries.
  • Mr. Panchariya arranged a conference for “INVEST IN UEMOA” in Dubai, where heads of states from all eight-member country of UEMOA were present with their respective ministers along with Vice president of United Arab Emirates and in the presence of all these delegations, Mr. Panchariya introduced investors and arranged signing of Memorandum of Understanding by & between respective Government, EPC contractor and investors for development and execution of infrastructure project worth USD18.5Billion Dollars. These projects were from all eight countries.
  • Post signing ceremony he led the all investors delegation and arranged their Due diligence visit to respective countries so execution can move in smooth pace.
  • Time to time he advised to the committee on new police for Foreign Direct Investment to bring UEMOA region.

    Global Infrastructure and Development Company (GIDC d. o. o.) – a Joint Venture company with Government of Republic of Serbia for infrastructure project development.
    Position held: Chairman, Supervisory Board

    July 2013 to March 2017

    • Mr. Panchariya was representing interest of GFCL to the GIDC and advised government on various road project, Logistic Park on Airport and renewable energy project.
    • GIDC signed various advisory and support contract with government of SERBIA and provided its advisory support to Government of Serbia on various project.

      Global Finance & Capital Ltd, Principal Owner and Director – (Corporate Finance & Investment Banking)

      May 2006 to October 2018

      • Global Finance & Capital Ltd, United Kingdom (founded in 2006) is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (“FCA”), and advises regional supranational organisations, multinational and middle market companies on strategic transactions, with special focus on dynamic sectors and emerging markets. Services include: Corporate Finance and M&A, Market Listings, Capital Raising & Structured Product.
      • Currently holds an MOU signed in 2014 with The West African Economic & Monetary Union (UEOMA) and West African Development Bank (BOAD), appointing GFCL as Financial Advisor to regional (UEMOA) infrastructure projects valued at US$18bn (projects assigned: Road development, Railway development, Airport construction, Maritime transport development, Bridge construction, Energy renewables, Housing, Water control, Food security. Financing secured. Also, MOU signed in 2016 with Asian Development & Investment Bank Limited, a Multilateral Bank from Malaysia for arranging investment opportunity in African Infrastructure Project.

          Other projects mandated include:

          • Government of Bangladesh & Malaysia – Padma Jaya Bridge construction (US$ 2.9bn)
          • Government of Malaysia - Pekan Oil & Gas Industrial Park, State of Pahang (US2.3bn)
          • Government of the Republic of Liberia – Financial Modelling & feasibility Report for 10,000 Social Housing units including Unit Design.
          • Government of Serbia – Advising on Infrastructure Project development

          Experience through associated companies:

          • Fund Management and Fund Administration Services (Private Office, Wealth Management)
          • Securities, commodities, currencies online trading & brokerage
          • Legal Advisory (Tax and Regulatory, Exchange Control)
          • Commodity Trading (Precious & Base Metals, Gemstones, Textiles, Computer Equipment)
          • Media, Entertainment and Digital Technology (Film production & distribution, Cinema chain, Oil Exploration

      Euram Bank Asia Limited - (49%)

      Formerly Hold Position: President & Director
      Regulated by Dubai Financial Services Authority

      4Capital Advisers & Securities Services Pvt. Ltd, India (0.07%)

      Director until 2010

      Securities Broking Company Member of Ahmedabad Stock Exchange

      India Focus Cardinal Fund, Mauritius - Director

      2007 to October 2010

      Regulated by FSC Mauritius. AUM – USD250Million on its peak.

      Kuber Co-operative Bank Limited (Retail Bank in India)

      1999 to 2006

      Position Held: Chief Executive Office & Managing Director
      Licenced by Reserve Bank of India & District Registrar of Co-op Society – Ahmedabad (Gujarat)

      Panchariya Gin Pvt. Ltd, India

      Panchariya Textiles Industries Ltd, India

      Alka India Ltd, India

      Director, 1993 - 2001

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